014 Review Problem - Weight of concrete surge chamber when full of water

Problem 14
A concrete surge chamber with circular cross section and vertical inner walls has an inside diameter of 100 ft. The outer walls taper uniformly. The outer walls taper uniformly ¼ in. to 1 ft. of rise, and at the base the thickness is 5 ft. The height of the surge chamber is 150 ft. above the pressure tunnel, and the material used in its construction weighs 150 lb. per cu. ft. Find the total weight of the chamber when full of water.

013 Review Problem - Volume of water inside the Venturi meter

Problem 13
The accompanying figure represents the longitudinal view of a Venturi meter, a device designed to measure the flow of water in pipes. If the throat of the of the meter is 6 in. long and has an inside diameter of 4 in., find the volume of water in the meter which is used in 12-in. pipe line if the altitudes of the tapering parts are in the ratio 1:3 and the smaller altitude measures 12 in.


012 Review Problem - Lake for household water supply

Problem 12
The water supply of a district consists of a lake whose surface area is 1000 acres. The number of household supplied with water is 60,000. Supposing each household to use 25 gal. per day, calculate how many days’ supply (to the nearest day below the exact number) is represented by a depth of 1 ft. of water in the lake. (1 acre equals 43,560 sq. ft.)