01 - Highest point of projectile as measured from inclined plane

Problem 01
A projectile is fired up the inclined plane at an initial velocity of 15 m/s. The plane is making an angle of 30° from the horizontal. If the projectile was fired at 30° from the incline, compute the maximum height z measured perpendicular to the incline that is reached by the projectile. Neglect air resistance.

Strain Energy Method (Castigliano’s Theorem) | Beam Deflection

Alberto Castigliano (Catigliano's Theorem)
Engr. Alberto Castigliano

Italian engineer Alberto Castigliano (1847 – 1884) developed a method of determining deflection of structures by strain energy method. His Theorem of the Derivatives of Internal Work of Deformation extended its application to the calculation of relative rotations and displacements between points in the structure and to the study of beams in flexure.