Problem 710 | Two simple beams at 90 degree to each other

Problem 710
Two timber beams are mounted at right angles and in contact with each other at their midpoints. The upper beam A is 2 in wide by 4 in deep and simply supported on an 8-ft span; the lower beam B is 3 in wide by 8 in deep and simply supported on a 10-ft span. At their cross-over point, they jointly support a load P = 2000 lb. Determine the contact force between the beams.

The Three-Moment Equation

The three-moment equation gives us the relation between the moments between any three points in a beam and their relative vertical distances or deviations. This method is widely used in finding the reactions in a continuous beam.

Consider three points on the beam loaded as shown.



Chapter 08 - Continuous Beams

Continuous beams are those that rest over three or more supports, thereby having one or more redundant support reactions.

These section includes
1. Generalized form of three-moment equation
2. Factors for three-moment equation
3. Application of the three-moment equation
4. Reactions of continuous beams
5. Shear and moment diagrams of continuous beams
6. Continuous beams with fixed ends
7. Deflection determined by three-moment equation
8. Moment distribution method