Problem 863 | Deflection by Three-Moment Equation

Problem 863
For the beam shown in Fig. P-863, determine the value of EIδ midway between the supports and at the left end.




At midway between the supports
$\delta = \dfrac{1066.67}{EI} ~ \text{ upward}$

At the left end
$\delta = \dfrac{16,000}{EI} ~ \text{ downward}$


For the complete solution using the three moment equation, see it here:

The Polar Coordinate System

In Polar Coordinate System, the references are a fixed point and a fixed line. The fixed point is called the pole and the fixed line is called the polar axis. The location of a point is expressed according to its distance from the pole and its angle from the polar axis. The distance is denoted by r and the angle by θ.