028 Review Problem - Amount of metal sheet used to construct a water tank

Problem 28
028-water-tank.gifA water tank, open at the top, consists of a right circular cylinder and a right circular cone, as shown. If the altitude of the cylinder is three times its radius, and the altitude of the cone is two times the same radius, find the number of square feet of sheet metal required to construct a tank having a capacity of 10,000 gal. (One gal. = 231 cu. in.)

027 Review Problem - Amount of concrete in making fencing posts

Problem 27
One hundred and fifty posts are used in fencing a lawn. Each post is built in the form of frustum of a pyramid surmounted by a pyramid whose lower base is common with the upper base of the frustum. The height of the pyramidal top is 2 in. and the common base is a square 4 in. on an edge. The lower base of the frustum has an edge of 6 in. If the overall height of each is 6 ft., how much concrete will be used in making the posts?

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Since the founding of MATHalino.com in Nov. 2007, it never came into my mind to get this name into some offline activity like tutorial. I experimented on this site many free services like forums, online quiz, online tutorials, etc. but never been to offline. For the past two years however, I've been invited several times to conduct review classes to graduating engineering students of Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU). And as early as now, Prof. Nida Catubao from the Chemical Engineering Department of EVSU, verbally (informally) invited me to give math lecture to their graduating chemical engineering students by next school semester.

This site has been doing some amazing things on my chosen profession as review instructor. Although many of the invitations that I received are coined to where I am currently connected, which is the Gillesania Engineering Review and Training Center (GERTC), the fact is so obvious that students recognize me as the author of MATHalino.com. On that, I am very much thankful and amazed on how this site leveled me up into some degree. I am also thankful on how the market respond to the Strength of Materials I printed last year which is truly rewarding.