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Quiz 2 - Common Maxima and Minima Problems

The problems in this quiz are common optimization problems in engineering lincesure examinations. The allotted time is 30 minutes for you to solve all ten problems. This is to simulate the 100 items board examination given for 5 hours.

All of the problems here can be solved without the aid of differentiation if you know the exact variable relationships for maximum and minimum quantity. Example is, if you are required to inscribed the largest rectangle in a given a circle, differentiation will lead you to a square.



If you already know that it is a square, then you don't need to do the differentiation. Go directly in solving the square for faster solution. All of the problems here can be done in this way, that is, if you know the variable relationship of the situation. If not, then you can still do the differentiation to solve the problem.

The 10 problems you are going to answer are taken from a pool of problems in growing numbers. We are constantly adding problems in here, if you take this quiz again chances are, you will encounter different sets of problems.

Note that you are only given up to 3 times to take this quiz. So fire your best shots and good luck.