Calculator for Finding the Required Steel Area of Reinforced Concrete T-Beam

T-beam Calculator for finding the required steel area using Ultimate Strength Design


fc' = concrete strength
fy = steel yield strength
db = bar diameter
bf = flange width
tf = flange thickness
bw = width of web
d = effective depth
d' = compression steel depth
Mu = Mn × LF

Mn = nominal moment
LF = load factor

Calculator for Finding the Ultimate Strength of Rectangular Concrete Beam with Known Tension Steel Area

This calculator will determine the ultimate strength (ϕMn) of beam with given tension steel area and other beam properties like width, effective depth, concrete strength, and yield strength of steel. You may experiment with the steel area and find the corresponding solution if beam reinforcement is inadequate, the beam is tension controlled, in transition, or compression controlled. The computation used in finding the ultimate strength is in compliance to NSCP and ACI 318.

Calculator for Finding the Required Steel Area of Reinforced Concrete Beam

concrete-beam-doubly-reinforced-calculator.gifThis calculator will compute the required area of steel reinforcement of rectangular concrete beam under flexure.

Enter the following:
fc' = compressive stress of concrete in MPa
fy = yield strength of steel in MPa
b = width of beam in mm
d = effective depth in mm
d' = location of compression steel in mm
Use d' = 70 mm if not given.
load factor = see NSCP code requirements
Mn = unfactored moment in kN·m
Use load factor = 1.0 if M = Mu (or factored moment)

Calculator for Finding the Dimensions of Singly Reinforced Rectangular Beam

This calculator will compute the required dimensions and required steel reinforcement of reinforced concrete rectangular beam - singly reinforced. The computations are in accordance to American Concrete Institute (ACI) and National Structural Code of the Philippines (NSCP) specifications. The solution is done using Ultimate Strength Design, USD, details are included in expandable regions.

11 - Area inside a circle but outside three other externally tangent circles

Problem 11
Three identical circles of radius 30 cm are tangent to each other externally. A fourth circle of the same radius was drawn so that its center is coincidence with the center of the space bounded by the three tangent circles. Find the area of the region inside the fourth circle but outside the first three circles. It is the shaded region shown in the figure below.