is now offering tutorials for Engineering Mathematics

UPDATE: Since typhoon Yolanda, Tutorial is no longer in operation.

Since the founding of in Nov. 2007, it never came into my mind to get this name into some offline activity like tutorial. I experimented on this site many free services like forums, online quiz, online tutorials, etc. but never been to offline. For the past two years however, I've been invited several times to conduct review classes to graduating engineering students of Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU). And as early as now, Prof. Nida Catubao from the Chemical Engineering Department of EVSU, verbally (informally) invited me to give math lecture to their graduating chemical engineering students by next school semester.

This site has been doing some amazing things on my chosen profession as review instructor. Although many of the invitations that I received are coined to where I am currently connected, which is the Gillesania Engineering Review and Training Center (GERTC), the fact is so obvious that students recognize me as the author of On that, I am very much thankful and amazed on how this site leveled me up into some degree. I am also thankful on how the market responded to the Strength of Materials I printed last year which is truly rewarding.

Some of the many students who visited GERTC Tacloban looking for books written by Engr. Gillesania are asking if there are any tutorial for non-graduates. This and the several invitations I mentioned previously hinted me to offer this tutorial for the first time. I would like to thank my boss, Engr. Gillesania, for allowing me to use his facilities, and for his trust and confidence on me.

Below are the leaflets I made that I distributed at EVSU yesterday and the other day. I am not yet sure what the majority of the engineering students are thinking by now. If we talk about positive response, I will only consider it from those who will officially enroll, which is obviously practical thing to measure.

Page 1 (front):



Page 2 (inside):



Page 3 (inside):



Page 4 (back)



If you happen to know someone from Tacloban or near Tacloban and is currently studying an engineering course, just share this post. He/she may thank you later on for letting him/her know we exist.