Strength of Materials by Romel Verterra


Title: Simplified Solution to Problems in Strength of Materials
Author: Romel Tarcelo F. Verterra
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Subject/Course: Strength of Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

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Message from the author

The content of this book has been around online for quiet sometime in webpage format. I decided to release a print version of this book because of persistent requests from readers asking me for a hard copy of it. I believe this will be of great convenience to those who have limited time to study online and to those who are uncomfortable to study over the web. Traditional book still rocks, so I hope you enjoy this one as much as you do with the online version.

This book is not intended to replace your textbook in Strength of Materials, the objective of this material is to compliment our text book. It contains a compilation of solved problems that are done in direct and comprehensive manner. Summary of principles are also written at the beginning of each topic highlighting the most essential formulas and principles of that section.

Best regards,
Romel Verterra

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You are buying the following contents

Chapter 1

Normal Stress, Shearing Stress, Bearing Stress, Thin-walled Pressure Vessel, Tangential Stress, Longitudinal Stress, Spherical Shell


Chapter 2

Simple Strain, Stress-strain Diagram, Axial Deformation, Shearing Deformation, Poisson's Ratio, Biaxial and Triaxial Deformation, Statically Indeterminate Members, Thermal Stress


Chapter 3

Torsion, Flanged Bolt Couplings, Torsion of Thin-walled Tubes, Helical Springs


Chapter 4

Shear and Moment in Beams, Shear and Moment Diagrams, Moving Loads


Chapter 5

Stresses in Beams, Flexure Formula, Economic Sections, Floor Framing, Unsymmetrical Beams, Built-up Beams, Horizontal Shearing Stress, Shear Flow, Spacing of Bolts


Chapter 6

Deflection of Beams, Double Integration Method, Moment Diagram by Parts, Area-moment Method, Deflection of Cantilever Beams, Deflection in Simply Supported Beams, Midspan Deflection, Method of Superposition