Wazzup at MATHalino.com: July 2015

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For a site managed and maintained by 1 person, there are relatively many things happened behind MATHalino.com. We are writing this post for our readers to know more about this site.

Some contents are moved to other site
Maybe many of you have noticed that pages of Surveying, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Engineering, and Theory of Structures are removed from this site. These subjects are not listed in our commitment defined in the about page. For those who are using those contents, we did not delete that useful information, we just transferred it to Civil Engineering Reference, a less than a year old site dedicated to those subjects.

The Forum Section is Live Again
If you are visiting this site for the past 5 years, you have witnessed how we tried to make this place a community website. But due to lack of technical expertise and moderators, we drop the community section several times. Despite these limitations, we managed to make it live again and hopefully we can sustain it continuously. We implemented several security measures to make our data safe.

Test your ability with our fun Quizzes
With several sleepless nights and lots of head banging to the wall, we made a platform wherein you can take a quiz and measure your ability in our subjects. As of the writing of this post, there are two available quizzes for you to enjoy. We do this to add more fun and add more value each time you visit our pages. You can take the quizzes seriously to increase your problem-solving ability or you can do it just for fun.

We grow in numbers
For this year, we already serve about 5.5 million page views from about 800 thousand unique visitors, 40.2% of which are returning visitors spending an average of 6 minutes per visit. Thank you for the time you spent to us, your repeat visits showed that you made us a part of your growth in our subjects. We are about to reach 25 thousand likes in our FB page. We owe all of these from your trust to our contents and we are deeply grateful to that. Despite no marketing arm and no single cent spent to promote the site, we reach this milestone all because of your trust to us. Thank you very much.

We move the server near to us
Although we have readers from US and Europe, almost 50% of our readers are from the Philippines. To serve you better, we moved the server from US to Singapore. Nearer to us means a shorter route of data, thus, faster page loads. Our benchmarks show increase in performance. We also move to a more powerful server, this is not our first time to move but this is so far the best server we afforded to rent. Thanks to ads on the site, it made this site self-sustained.

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