The Binomial Theorem

Basic Algebra Review Part 2: Binomial Expansion (Tagalog)

Our condo unit is at +30th floor, the reason why it is relaxing for me to record from our terrace than do it inside the unit. The downside though are the noise from vehicles passing below. So in this recording, I set-up the audio limiter to higher level and increase the pickup volume to 100%. I am not sure if that is the right thing to do, so far in this recording, my voice is more audible than the background noise and I am satisfied with the outcome. Medyo maypagka-ngongo lang ako ng kunti kung pakinggan, di naman halata kung di ko sasabihin pero sinabi ko lang kasi papansin ako. Hahaha.

$ r^\text{th} ~ \text{term} = {^nC}_m \cdot a^{n - m} \cdot b^m $


Watch the video to discover where this formula came from. Enjoy!

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