MSTE-00 Welcome Message and General Instructions

Welcome to MSTE Refresher Lite.

Important Points

  • Designed for CE, non-CE are also welcome.
  • Only those with verified accounts can continue this course. See Understanding Site Roles for more information about your access privileges.
  • Depending on server load, it may take up to 24 hours for the verification email to reach you. Use the contact form at the footer if you did not receive the verification email after 24 hours.
  • To navigate this course, click the Take Course tab to load the course outline. The same course outline can be seen at the sidebar when you are in PC or Mac. If you are using a mobile phone, scroll down below to see the course outline.
  • Each item in the course will start to open after you accomplish the preceding links.
  • To take the exam set, click the Take tab or the Start Quiz link of the exam page.
  • You can watch the solution after you took the exam.
  • You may or may not participate the Q&A to proceed to the next set.


thanks po

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Hi Sir, Thank you po for this kind of platform :) GODBLESS

Jhun Vert's picture

welcome, God bless din.

Salamat po

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Thanks also for coming in. Enjoy your stay.

Thankyousomuch! and hoping that you will add a course for HGE and SEC soon.

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