Differential Equation: $y' = x^3 - 2xy$, where $y(1)=1$ and $y' = 2(2x-y)$ that passes through (0,1)

Can anyone solve this D. E.?

y' = x^3 - 2xy, where y(1)=1


y' = 2(2x-y) that passes through (0,1)

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Integration by Substitution

Kinda need some help.

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Integral Calculus: $\displaystyle \int \ln \left[ x+(1-x)^{1/2} \right] dx$

Pa help po sana dito sa question na to.

(integral of) ln (x+(1-x)^(1/2))dx

check my solution: $\displaystyle \int \dfrac{(6x^2 - 3x + 1) dx}{(4x + 1)(x^2 + 1)}$

hey...can anyone here check my solution to the problem??not sure whether I got it correctly and do not want to pay or for the thing I practically did myselftask.jpgthanks


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