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Need this badly today

13. The straight post B rests upon the front edge of the car A as shown which is ascending the 300 incline with an acceleration of 0.5 m/ what angle must the post be inclined in order that it will maintain its position?

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Ito yung mga tipong post na

Ito yung mga tipong post na hindi gustong sagutin ng mga contributors ng site na 'to. Observation ko lang sa past 6 years na pabalik balik ditto. Pag ganito title mo, wag ka na masyado umasa.

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300 incline? Incline, so far

300 incline? Incline, so far I know, is the same as an angle. You mean 300$^o$ angle?

This is difficult....I can't imagine.....Maybe show us the illustration.....

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