Guys help me in my ass about frustum of a regular pyramid

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Guys help me in my ass about frustum of a regular pyramid

The lateral area of a frustum of a regular triangular pyramid is 1,081square centimeter and The altitude and the lateral edge are 24cm and 26cm respectively.Find the lengths of the sides of the bases.

Thanks please show me your solution so that I can understand thanks in advance :)


I'm not really sure but If I use the formula from this site which is AL=12n(a+b)L
and by establishing the relationship between the slant height and the altitude that would form a right triangle we can then find that the base of the triangle that is formed is 10... then the lower base then would be x + 20 while the upper base would be x then the sum of the perimeters of the base would be 3(2x + 20) substituting all of the given in the formula we would be able to find that the upper base x = 3.859 and the lower base x + 20= 23.859.

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