Example 04 | Age Related Problem in Algebra

Albert is as old as Bryan will be when Albert is twice as old as Bryan was when Albert's age was half the sum of their present ages. Bryan is as old as Albert was when Bryan was half the age he will be ten years from now. How old are Albert and Bryan?

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Aleiah Kuizon

Hello patulong naman. di ko gets kung bakit yung 'A + x' sa "A + x = 2(B - y)". Diba Albert is so dapat present time ang gamitin pero mali pala. So ang hint ng 'A + x' ay sa previous statement? Ganun po ba?

Salamat po sa makakabasa. D

Lynelle Cua Chavez
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Hello po. Could you help me solve this Age Problem? It would be a great help for me. Thanks
Question : Robert is now 78 years old and his friend Charlie is 70. How many years ago was Charlie only 3/4 as Robert?

Gabriel Torres Perez
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Let x robert
Let y charlie
Let z years ago
Y-z=3/4 (x-z)
70-z=3/4 (78-z)
Z=46 years ago

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