226 - Moment of force about different points

Problem 226
In Fig. P-226 assuming clockwise moments as positive, compute the moment of force F = 200 kg and force P = 165 kg about points A, B, C, and D.

Forces in rectangular grid


Solution 226


Bkit mgkahiwalay ng kinonsider ung moment ng F at P sa point A, B, C and D? and ung Fv and Fh, Pv and Ph nasa dulo ng arrow? if kinonsider ko na nasa tail ng force siya mali na po ba siya?

Jhun Vert
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The resolution of force into its components can be done anywhere within the line of action of the force. You can do it at the head, at the tail, or even at the extension points of your force.

Kaycee Tandang ...
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Hello sir san po nakuha ung 5? Pag kukunin ang Moment ng f "5(0.3)(120)" pano po nangyari to? Tska ung directions niya po if counterclockwise or clockwise ba? Thanks

Nathan Maravilla
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use ration and proportion or similar triangle.

Edrielle Valdez
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san po nakuha ung 5 dun sa ma=5(0.3)120
at pano po naging -6 ung nsa baba nya


same question

Paolo Rodriguez
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Baliktad po yung mga signs ng mga moments, sabi po sa problem assume clockwise moments as positive

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