228 Intercepts of the resultant force

Problem 228
Without computing the magnitude of the resultant, compute where the resultant of the forces shown in Fig. P-228 intersects the x and y axes.

Two concurrent forces in rectangular grid


Solution 228

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can you explain how Mo = 5Qy? in solution 228, why x-component not taken in the moment?


In order to produce the value of MO (moment about O) you need to transfer the Q components to the end of the Q arrow. However, if this is inconvenient to you, you can also take the moment about O without transferring Qx and Qy and it should yield similar results. Just always remember to use the sign conventions. Try it.

John Wilbert
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MO = 5(Qy-Py) + 5Px, since Py and Px have the same magnitude they cancel each other out.

John Wilbert
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Or since P passes through point O, it doesn't contribute any moment about O at all. Hence, MO = 5Qy.

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Is it possible po ba na 1.53 ft below O and 6.53 ft right of O ung magiging coordinates?

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