Problem 002-mj | Method of Joints

Problem 002-mj
The structure in Fig. T-02 is a truss which is pinned to the floor at point A, and supported by a roller at point D. Determine the force to all members of the truss.

Warren truss by method of joints


Solution 002-mj


How come that the hypotenuse in the solution became 5m where it is 2.5m?

Jhun Vert
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What is shown in the solution is slope. 1/2.5 = 2/5. If you are not used in solving with slope, go with angles.


Got it. Thank you

Daniel Siingwa



how to find slope triangle please help

Jhun Vert
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Use your scientific calculator that is capable of displaying fraction. If you input 1/2.5 the calculator will output 2/5.

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