Problem 426 - Fink Truss by Method of Sections

Problem 426
Using the method of sections, compute the force in bars FH, GH, and EK.



Solution 426



Your solution to

$\sum M_E = 0$

You have $9F_{FH}+120+150+60=3F_{FH}+30+960$

Then It should be $6F_{FH}=660$ and not $3F_{FH}$ right?

Yes po, tama ka, maraming salamat.

So 110 kN na po yung sa unang member? hehe

Also, yung 18 m po hehe

The solution has been updated and also the figure. Thank you Infinitesimal sir.

No problem, sir :)


Bakit po ang x= z/cos 30?

hindi po ba dapat x= z cos30?

In triangle ADE, x is hypotenuse.

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