Problem 507 | Friction

Problem 507
The 2225-N block shown in Fig. P-507 is in contact with 45° incline. The coefficient of static friction is 0.25. Compute the value of the horizontal force P necessary to (a) just start the block up the incline or (b) just prevent motion down the incline. (c) If P = 1780 N, what is the amount and direction of the friction force?

Block on an incline pushed by horizontal force


Solution 507


d po kaya sa part c. mga boss goes down...kasi ang minimum force req'd from goin down is na-compute na which is ung px ay 1258N lang....

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yung 1335N boss ehh yung mismong force P hindi yan minimum dahil hindi naman dinerivative. Kaya po upward yung f para po i balance nya sa Wx. Kasi sa problem na yan Wx>Px. Sa part C kasi nag bigay sya ng ibang value ng P which is yung 1780 N. Take note boss yung 1258 ay Px which is yung x-component ng force P. Kaya magkaibang magkaiba talaga yan sila. So kapag mataas ang Wx ang f ay upward para nga ma i balance nya yung object. Kapag Px naman ang f ay downward. Magkaiba po ng scenario ang part B at part C.

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