Problem 17 - Bernoulli's Energy Theorem

Problem 17
In Figure 4-08 is shown a siphon discharging water from reservoir A into the air at B. Distance 'a' is 1.8 m, 'b' is 6 m, and the diameter is 150 mm throughout. If there is a frictional loss of 1.5 m between A and the summit, and 1.5 m between the summit and B, what is the absolute pressure at the summit in kiloPascal? Also determine the rate of discharge in cubic meter per second and in gallons per minute.



Solution 17

John Carlo Tela...
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Sir pa check po yung elevation head ng point C sa last part ng solution..ty..why po -4.2?...dapat 1.8 po dba?

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Salamat. Na koreksyunan na.

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