Solution to Problem 106 Normal Stress

Problem 106
The homogeneous bar shown in Fig. P-106 is supported by a smooth pin at C and a cable that runs from A to B around the smooth peg at D. Find the stress in the cable if its diameter is 0.6 inch and the bar weighs 6000 lb.



Solution 106



Small error in the figure but still the answer is correct. :)

Sir, in the solution, the horizontal component of the green triangle is 5 and the vertical is 3.

Thanks... Kailangan kung kalkalin ang original file nito para magawan ng correction. naiflag ko na 'to for revision. Salamat uli.

Why are the forces in members AD and BD equal?

smooth peg at D

where did the ratio 3/sqrt(34) come from? Shouldnt we be computing for the Y component of T (Ty) because all forces are vertical? If so, the angle at D is equal to tan < = 5/3 or 59.036 degrees. Ty should have been (cos 59.036 * T). The second part of the equation should have been 10(cos 59.036)*T which is not the same as 3/sqrt(3). Can someone explain how we derived the 3/sqrt(34) part. Thanks!

Pythagorean Theorem. Your cos 59.036 = 3/sqrt(34).

thanks for the answer

Paano po nangyari na 1/4 pi (r)^2 yung area na ginamit sa cord? :) Salamat po sa sagot. :)

Sorry. Ako po pala yung mali. Diameter po pala yun. :)

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