Solution to Problem 107 Normal Stress

Problem 107
A rod is composed of an aluminum section rigidly attached between steel and bronze sections, as shown in Fig. P-107. Axial loads are applied at the positions indicated. If P = 3000 lb and the cross sectional area of the rod is 0.5 in2, determine the stress in each section.



Solution 107



Master. Bakit yung P sa bronze ay 9,000? Diba 3000 lang ang P ? O baka may na miss na point ako. Salamat po.

The P you are going to use to solve for σ is the internal P of bronze, not the applied P = 3k. The internal P of each material is shown in the stress distribution diagram.

Sir bakit po ang 4P is equal to 12k sir? Maging ganito po ba sir 4P equal to Psteel ? since P equal to 3k so e substitute lang sir? At saka yung mga lengths sa baba e neglect lang yun sir? thank you po #BIGHELP

Yes i-substitute lang and yes, neglect lang yung length.

Sir tell me how p for bronze is 9 and how p are calculated

Please refer to this reply.

Sir paano po nakuha yong P12, 12 at 9 ?
Salamat po sir

Pwede mong isa-isahin pagkuha ang mga internal P ng bawat material.


Sir, paano naging equal ang 4P sa 12?

P = 3 kips, hence, 4P = 12 kips.

sir di ko ma gets pano naging 3P ang bronze? patulong po.

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