Solution to Problem 129 Bearing Stress

Problem 129
129-timbers-bolted-together.gifA 7/8-in.-diameter bolt, having a diameter at the root of the threads of 0.731 in., is used to fasten two timbers together as shown in Fig. P-129. The nut is tightened to cause a tensile stress of 18 ksi in the bolt. Compute the shearing stress in the head of the bolt and in the threads. Also, determine the outside diameter of the washers if their inside diameter is 9/8 in. and the bearing stress is limited to 800 psi.

Summary of the problem
Diameter of bolt = 7/8 inch
Diameter at the root of the thread (bolt) = 0.731 inch
Inside diameter of washer = 9/8 inch
Tensile stress in the nut = 18 ksi
Bearing stress = 800 psi

Shearing stress in the head of the bolt
Shearing stress in threads of the bolt
Outside diameter of the washer


Solution 129

Jhonel Apple Al...
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Hello, why you are using "π d t" to find the Area? why not πd^2/4?
Thank You So Much :)

Ren Mendoza
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Bakit po nakamultiply by 1000 yung 10.82kips? Hindi po ba dapat nakadivide?

Ren Mendoza
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Okay na po pala. Haha.

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