Solution to Problem 271 Thermal Stress

Problem 271
A rigid bar of negligible weight is supported as shown in Fig. P-271. If W = 80 kN, compute the temperature change that will cause the stress in the steel rod to be 55 MPa. Assume the coefficients of linear expansion are 11.7 µm/(m·°C) for steel and 18.9 µm/(m·°C) for bronze.

Figure P-271 and Figure P-272


Solution 271

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Hello po. I have a question.

the one in your solution po,,, specifically the deformation analysis part.

Isn't it that $\delta_{T(st)} + \delta_{st}$ means that the steel shrank due to decrease in temperature?

And since, using your analysis po that is by adding the thermal expansion and axial deformation, (which is, I think, means that the temperature dropped), it resulted to a negative change in temperature. Isn't it that the temperature should've increased?

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