Solution to Problem 406 | Shear and Moment Diagrams

Problem 406
Beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-406.



Solution 406

Osama Dar
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can someone please explain why in reactions we are multiplying 9*60*18 and 3*60*18...when we could have divided the udl into 2 sections of 12 and 6 fts respectively and solve for the moments accordingly

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No need to divide the UDL into 2 sections because it is continuous. It would be simpler that way. You can also do what you suggest and arrived to the same result, but, if I judge it from my own perspective, I can say that it is unnecessary.

This page belongs to Strength of Materials. If you need to improve your skill in finding the reactions of simple beam with uniform and concentrated loads, I suggest you browse the Engineering Mechanics section. That will brought you back to basic of finding simple reactions.

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