Solution to Problem 572 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 572
The T section shown in Fig. P-572 is the cross-section of a beam formed by joining two rectangular pieces of wood together. The beam is subjected to a maximum shearing force of 60 kN. Show that the NA is 34 mm from the top and the INA = 10.57 × 106 mm4. Using these values, determine the shearing stress (a) at the neutral axis and (b) at the junction between the two pieces of wood.

Wooden T-beam Made From Rectangular Beams


Solution 572

Van Hohenheim
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Hello po mga ate's and kuya's, quick question lang po, if you where to get the shear stress at 50mm above the bottom of the beam, what value of b po ang gagamitin?

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Ang gamitin mo na b sa pagkuha ng shear ay yung width kung saan tumama ang inyong plane, in your case, ang plane mo ay 50 mm above the bottom. Sa location na yan, ang width ng beam ay 20 mm, so gamitin mo ay b = 20 mm.

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