Solution to Problem 605 | Double Integration Method

Problem 605
Determine the maximum deflection δ in a simply supported beam of length L carrying a concentrated load P at midspan.

Solution 605

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Sa part po na
x=0, y=0 therefore C2=0

Kapag ni substitute po yung 0 sa x
hindi naman po mag eequal yung C2 sa 0 po?

Jhun Vert
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If the value inside the angled bracket becomes negative, it is not included in the computation, you simply consider that as zero. The reason is that the load involved is not yet on the segment (from leftmost support to distance x).

Example is at x = 0: the quantity x - 0.5L = -0.5L. Of course you do not include this in your calculations because "x - 0.5L" is about the location of P and P do not exist yet at x = 0.

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