Physics: Uniform Motion

A Metra commuter train leaves
Union Station in Chicago at 12 noon. Two hours later, an
Amtrak train leaves on the same track, traveling at an
average speed that is 50 miles per hour faster than the
Metra train. At 3 PM the Amtrak train is 10 miles behind the
commuter train. How fast is each going?

Physics: Uniform Motion

A motorboat maintained a
constant speed of 15 miles per hour relative to the water in
going 10 miles upstream and then returning. The total time
for the trip was 1.5 hours. Use this information to find the
speed of the current.

Ans: 5 mi/hr.
Any solution for this? Thanks

vector analysis

how to solve the tension force of a two ropes connected in a box of 100lb and is being hang. the angles of the ropes are 60? Meaninig the box is in the center.

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