Additional Load for No Tensile Stress

Problem 920 | Additional Centroidal Load to Eliminate Tensile Stress Anywhere Over the Cross Section

Problem 920
A compressive load P = 100 kN is applied, as shown in Fig. 9-8a, at a point 70 mm to the left and 30 mm above the centroid of a rectangular section for which h = 300 mm and b = 250 mm. What additional load, acting normal to the cross section at its centroid, will eliminate tensile stress anywhere over the cross section?



Problem 919 | Additional Axial Compression Load for the Section to Carry No Tensile Stress

Problem 919
From the data in Prob. 918, what additional load applied at the centroid is necessary so that no tensile stress will exist anywhere on the cross-section?

Solution 919

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