angular velocity

Rotation - Rotating Vessel

When at rest, the surface of mass of liquid is horizontal at PQ as shown in the figure. When this mass of liquid is rotated about a vertical axis at constant angular velocity ω radian per second, it will assume the surface ABC which is parabolic. Every particle is subjected to centripetal force or centrifugal force CF = mω2x which produces centripetal acceleration towards the center of rotation. Other forces that acts are gravity force W = mg and normal force N.



Solution to Problem 218 Axial Deformation

Problem 218
A uniform slender rod of length L and cross sectional area A is rotating in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis through one end. If the unit mass of the rod is ρ, and it is rotating at a constant angular velocity of ω rad/sec, show that the total elongation of the rod is ρω2 L3/3E.

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