Beam Deflection

Solution to Problem 620 | Double Integration Method

Problem 620
Find the midspan deflection δ for the beam shown in Fig. P-620, carrying two triangularly distributed loads. (Hint: For convenience, select the origin of the axes at the midspan position of the elastic curve.)

Beam loaded with symmetrical triangular load


Solution to Problem 619 | Double Integration Method

Problem 619
Determine the value of EIy midway between the supports for the beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-619.

Overhang beam with moment and uniform loads


Solution to Problem 617 | Double Integration Method

Problem 617
Replace the load P in Prob. 616 by a clockwise couple M applied at the right end and determine the slope and deflection at the right end.

Solution to Problem 616 | Double Integration Method

Problem 616
For the beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-616, determine (a) the deflection and slope under the load P and (b) the maximum deflection between the supports.



Solution to Problem 615 | Double Integration Method

Problem 615
Compute the value of EI y at the right end of the overhanging beam shown in Fig. P-615.

Overhang beam with uniform load at the overhang


Solution to Problem 614 | Double Integration Method

Problem 614
For the beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-614, calculate the slope of the elastic curve over the right support.

Overhang beam with point at the end of overhang


Solution to Problem 613 | Double Integration Method

Problem 613
If E = 29 × 106 psi, what value of I is required to limit the midspan deflection to 1/360 of the span for the beam in Fig. P-613?

Partially loaded simple beam


Solution to Problem 612 | Double Integration Method

Problem 612
Compute the midspan value of EI δ for the beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-612.

Simple beam with uniform load


Solution to Problem 609 | Double Integration Method

Problem 609
As shown in Fig. P-609, a simply supported beam carries two symmetrically placed concentrated loads. Compute the maximum deflection δ.

Symetrically Placed Concentrated Loads


Solution to Problem 608 | Double Integration Method

Problem 608
Find the equation of the elastic curve for the cantilever beam shown in Fig. P-608; it carries a load that varies from zero at the wall to wo at the free end. Take the origin at the wall.

Cantilever Beam Loaded with Triangular Load



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