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Deflection of Cantilever Beams | Area-Moment Method

Generally, the tangential deviation t is not equal to the beam deflection. In cantilever beams, however, the tangent drawn to the elastic curve at the wall is horizontal and coincidence therefore with the neutral axis of the beam. The tangential deviation in this case is equal to the deflection of the beam as shown below.

Solution to Problem 608 | Double Integration Method

Problem 608
Find the equation of the elastic curve for the cantilever beam shown in Fig. P-608; it carries a load that varies from zero at the wall to wo at the free end. Take the origin at the wall.

Cantilever Beam Loaded with Triangular Load


Solution to Problem 607 | Double Integration Method

Problem 607
Determine the maximum value of EIy for the cantilever beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-607. Take the origin at the wall.

Cantilever Beam with Point Load


Solution to Problem 552 | Unsymmetrical Beams

Problem 552
A cantilever beam carries the force and couple shown in Fig. P-552. Determine the maximum tensile and compressive bending stresses developed in the beam.

Solution to Problem 551 | Unsymmetrical Beams

Problem 551
Find the maximum tensile and compressive flexure stresses for the cantilever beam shown in Fig. P-551.

Solution to Problem 540 | Floor Framing

Problem 540
Timbers 8 inches wide by 12 inches deep and 15 feet long, supported at top and bottom, back up a dam restraining water 9 feet deep. Water weighs 62.5 lb/ft3. (a) Compute the center-line spacing of the timbers to cause fb = 1000 psi. (b) Will this spacing be safe if the maximum fb, (fb)max = 1600 psi, and the water reaches its maximum depth of 15 ft?

Solution to Problem 539 | Floor Framing

Problem 539
Timbers 12 inches by 12 inches, spaced 3 feet apart on centers, are driven into the ground and act as cantilever beams to back-up the sheet piling of a coffer dam. What is the maximum safe height of water behind the dam if water weighs = 62.5 lb/ft3 and ( fb )max = 1200 psi?

Solution to Problem 518 | Flexure Formula

Problem 518
A cantilever beam 4 m long is composed of two C200 × 28 channels riveted back to back. What uniformly distributed load can be carried, in addition to the weight of the beam, without exceeding a flexural stress of 120 MPa if (a) the webs are vertical and (b) the webs are horizontal? Refer to Appendix B of text book for channel properties.

Solution to Problem 503 | Flexure Formula

Problem 503
A cantilever beam, 50 mm wide by 150 mm high and 6 m long, carries a load that varies uniformly from zero at the free end to 1000 N/m at the wall. (a) Compute the magnitude and location of the maximum flexural stress. (b) Determine the type and magnitude of the stress in a fiber 20 mm from the top of the beam at a section 2 m from the free end.

Solution to Problem 437 | Relationship Between Load, Shear, and Moment

Problem 437
Cantilever beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-437.



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