33-34 Time Rates: A car traveling east and airplane traveling north

Problem 33
From a car traveling east at 40 miles per hour, an airplane traveling horizontally north at 100 miles per hour is visible 1 mile east, 2 miles south, and 2 miles up. Find when this two will be nearest together.

31-32 Train in an elevated track and car in perpendicular road

Problem 31
An elevated train on a track 30 ft above the ground crosses a street at the rate of 20 ft/sec at the instant that a car, approaching at the rate of 30 ft/sec, is 40 ft up the street. Find how fast the train and the car separating 1 second later.

28-29 Time Rates: Two cars driving on roads that intersects at 60 degree

28-figure-48.jpgProblem 28
At noon a car drives from A (Fig. 48) toward C at 60 miles per hour. Another car starting from B at the same time drives toward A at 30 miles per hour. If AB = 42 miles, find when the cars will be nearest each other.

25 Two cars that may collide at 12:30 PM

Problem 25
One city E, is 20 miles north and 20 miles east of another city, F. At noon a car starts south from E at 40 mi/hr, at 12:10 PM, another car starts east from F at 60 mi/hr. Find the rate at which the cars approach each other between 12:10 PM and 12:30 PM. What happens at 12:30 PM?