clock problem

Example 01 | Clock-related problem

What time between 2 and 3 o’clock will the angle between the hands of the clock be bisected by the line connecting the center of the clock and the 3 o’clock mark?

A. 2:18:27.6
B. 2:16:00.0
C. 2:17:56.3
D. 2:19:03.1

Clock-related Problems

There are 12 dial units in the clock. Every time the minute hand completes 12 dials, the hour hand moves 1 dial. Thus, if the minute hand moves by x the hour hand moves by x/12.



Key equations:

$x$ = distance traveled by the minute hand (in minutes)

$\dfrac{x}{12}$ = distance traveled by the hour hand (in minutes)


Verbal Problems in Algebra

The following is an attempt to classify the verbal problems.

Number-related problems
Number-related problems are considered as the most basic type of verbal problems. It is taken as the base point of analysis for more complex type of problems.

Digit-related problems

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