convert cubic inches to gallon

025 Review Problem - Time required to fill a reservoir of water

Problem 25
A reservoir 10 ft. deep is in the form of a frustum of inverted square pyramid with bases of 100 and 90 ft. on a side respectively. How long will it require an inlet pipe to fill the reservoir if the water pours in at the rate of 200 gal. per min.? (One gal. = 231 cu. in.)

024 Review Problem - Will the pail hold all the water in the pipe?

Problem 24
A pipe of 3/4-in. inside diameter conducts water from a spring to a house 300 ft. distant. It is desired to empty the pipe after the water has been turned off the spring. Will a 10-qt. pail hold the water? (One gal. = 231 cu. in.)

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