Problem 516 | Friction

Problem 516
Referring to Fig. P-515 if the coefficient of friction is 0.60 and θ = 30°, what force P applied to B acting down and parallel to the incline will start motion? What is the tension in the cord attached to A?

Two blocks with one on top of the other


Problem 319 | Equilibrium of Concurrent Force System

Problem 319 - Finding the unknown angle theta and the normal force acting on the floor

Problem 319
Cords are loop around a small spacer separating two cylinders each weighing 400 lb and pass, as shown in Fig. P-319 over a frictionless pulleys to weights of 200 lb and 400 lb . Determine the angle θ and the normal pressure N between the cylinders and the smooth horizontal surface.

Cords loop around the spacer of cyliders


Problem 317 | Equilibrium of Concurrent Force System

Tensile Forces in Each Cord of a Knot System - Equilibrium of Concurrent Forces

Problem 317
The system of knotted cords shown in Fig. P-317 support the indicated weights. Compute the tensile force in each cord.

System of knotted cords


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