counterclockwise moment

Problem 260 - 261 | Resultant of Non-Concurrent Force System

Problem 260
The effect of a certain non-concurrent force system is defined by the following data: ΣFx = +90 kN, ΣFy = -60 kN, and ΣMO = 360 kN·m counterclockwise. Determine the point at which the resultant intersects the x-axis.

251 Two forces producing a couple and a force

Problem 251
A vertical force P at A and another vertical force F at B in Fig. P-251 produce a resultant of 100 lb down at D and a counterclockwise couple C of 200 lb·ft. Find the magnitude and direction of forces P and F.

Resultant force and couple


233 A force creating counterclockwise and clockwise moments

Problem 233
In Fig. P-231, a force P intersects the X axis at 4 ft to the right of O. If its moment about A is 170 ft·lb counterclockwise and its moment about B is 40 ft·lb clockwise, determine its y intercept.

Three points in XY plane (A, B, and O)


232 Moment of a force about points O and B

Problem 232
In Fig. P-231, the moment of a certain force F is 180 ft·lb clockwise about O and 90 ft·lb counterclockwise about B. If its moment about A is zero, determine the force.

Three points in XY plane (A, B, and O)


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