Solution to Problem 588 | Design for Flexure and Shear

Problem 588
The distributed load shown in Fig. P-588 is supported by a wide-flange section of the given dimensions. Determine the maximum value of wo that will not exceed a flexural stress of 10 MPa or a shearing stress of 1.0 MPa.

Solution to Problem 585 | Design for Flexure and Shear

Problem 585
A simply supported beam of length L carries a uniformly distributed load of 6000 N/m and has the cross section shown in Fig. P-585. Find L to cause a maximum flexural stress of 16 MPa. What maximum shearing stress is then developed?

Solution to Problem 584 | Design for Flexure and Shear

Problem 584
A wide-flange section having the dimensions shown in Fig. P-584 supports a distributed load of wo lb/ft on a simple span of length L ft. Determine the ratio of the maximum flexural stress to the maximum shear stress.

Solution to Problem 583 | Design for Flexure and Shear

Problem 583
A rectangular beam 6 in. wide by 10 in. high supports a total distributed load of W and a concentrated load of 2W applied as shown in Fig. P-583. If fb ≤ 1500 psi and fv ≤ 120 psi, determine the maximum value of W.

Solution to Problem 580 | Design for Flexure and Shear

Problem 580
A rectangular beam of width b and height h carries a central concentrated load P on a simply supported span of length L. Express the maximum fv in terms of maximum fb.

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