Frustum of Square Pyramid

037 Review Problem - Amount of material the factory chimney contain

Problem 37
A factory chimney is in the form of frustum of regular square pyramid. The chimney is 125 ft. high the edges of its bases are 12 ft. and 8 ft., respectively. The cross-section of the flue is 6 ft. square. How many cubic feet of material does the chimney contain?



027 Review Problem - Amount of concrete in making fencing posts

Problem 27
One hundred and fifty posts are used in fencing a lawn. Each post is built in the form of frustum of a pyramid surmounted by a pyramid whose lower base is common with the upper base of the frustum. The height of the pyramidal top is 2 in. and the common base is a square 4 in. on an edge. The lower base of the frustum has an edge of 6 in. If the overall height of each is 6 ft., how much concrete will be used in making the posts?

025 Review Problem - Time required to fill a reservoir of water

Problem 25
A reservoir 10 ft. deep is in the form of a frustum of inverted square pyramid with bases of 100 and 90 ft. on a side respectively. How long will it require an inlet pipe to fill the reservoir if the water pours in at the rate of 200 gal. per min.? (One gal. = 231 cu. in.)

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