010 Volume of snow blocks in an igloo

Example 010
An igloo or Eskimo hut is built in the form of a hemispherical shell with an inside diameter of 12 ft. If the igloo is constructed of snow block having a uniform thickness of 2 ft and weighing 40 lb/ft3, find the weight of the igloo, neglecting the entrance. Also, if fresh air contains 0.04% carbon dioxide, find the amount of this gas in the igloo when freshly ventilated.

004 Hemispherical dome covered with gold

Example 004
The surface of a hemispherical dome whose diameter is 10 m is to be covered with gold leaf which costs \$0.25 per square centimeter. What must be paid for the gold leaf?

58 - 59 Maxima and minima: cylinder surmounted by hemisphere and cylinder surmounted by cone

Problem 58
For the silo of Problem 57, find the most economical proportions, if the floor is twice as expensive as the walls, per unit area, and the roof is three times as expensive as the walls, per unit area.

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