01 - Highest point of projectile as measured from inclined plane

Problem 01
A projectile is fired up the inclined plane at an initial velocity of 15 m/s. The plane is making an angle of 30° from the horizontal. If the projectile was fired at 30° from the incline, compute the maximum height z measured perpendicular to the incline that is reached by the projectile. Neglect air resistance.

Problem 530 | Friction

Problem 530
A plank 10 ft long is placed in a horizontal position with its ends resting on two inclined planes, as shown in Fig. P-530. The angle of friction is 20°. Determine how close the load P can be placed to each end before slipping impends.

Plank resting horizontally on inclined planes


Problem 507 | Friction

Problem 507
The 2225-N block shown in Fig. P-507 is in contact with 45° incline. The coefficient of static friction is 0.25. Compute the value of the horizontal force P necessary to (a) just start the block up the incline or (b) just prevent motion down the incline. (c) If P = 1780 N, what is the amount and direction of the friction force?

Block on an incline pushed by horizontal force


Problem 325 | Equilibrium of Three-force System

Amount and direction of the smallest force P required to start the wheel over the block

Problem 325
Determine the amount and direction of the smallest force P required to start the wheel in Fig. P-325 over the block. What is the reaction at the block?

Wheel to roll over a block in the incline


Problem 310 - 311 | Equilibrium of Concurrent Force System

Required Force to Hold the Box in a Smooth Plane - Equilibrium of Force System

Problem 310
A 300-lb box is held at rest on a smooth plane by a force P inclined at an angle θ with the plane as shown in Fig. P-310. If θ = 45°, determine the value of P and the normal pressure N exerted by the plane.

Block supported by a force in the incline


Problem 309 | Equilibrium of Concurrent Force System

Forces acting on the cylinder by the rod and by the incline - Concurrent Forces in Equilibrium

Problem 309
A cylinder weighing 400 lb is held against a smooth incline by means of the weightless rod AB in Fig. P-309. Determine the forces P and N exerted on the cylinder by the rod and the incline.

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