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Solved Problem 05 | Cube

Problem 05
A vegetable bin built in the form of a cube with an edge of 6 ft. is divided by a vertical partition which passes through two diagonally opposite edges. Find the lateral surface of either compartment.

Regular Pyramid

A regular pyramid is one whose base is a regular polygon whose center coincides with the foot of the perpendicular dropped from the vertex to the base.

The Pyramid

A pyramid is a polyhedron with a polygon base of any shape, and all other faces are triangles which have common vertex.



The Right Circular Cylinder

A right circular cylinder is a cylinder whose base is a circle and whose elements are perpendicular to its base.

The Prism

Prism is a polyhedron in which two faces are equal polygons in parallel planes, and all other faces are parallelograms. There are two types of prism; oblique prism and right prism. Oblique prism is when the axis is not perpendicular to the base and right prism if the axis is parallel to the base. In right prism, all lateral areas are rectangle.

Derivation of Formula for Lateral Area of Frustum of a Right Circular Cone

The lateral area of frustum of a right circular cone is given by the formula

$A = \pi (R + r) L$


R = radius of the lower base
r = radius of the upper base
L = length of lateral side

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