maximum positive moment

A simply supported beam has a span of 12 m. The beam carries a total uniformly distributed load of 21.5 kN/m.
1.   To prevent excessive deflection, a support is added at midspan. Calculate the resulting moment (kN·m) at the added support.

A.   64.5 C.   258.0
B.   96.8 D.   86.0

2.   Calculate the resulting maximum positive moment (kN·m) when a support is added at midspan.

A.   96.75 C.   108.84
B.   54.42 D.   77.40

3.   Calculate the reaction (kN) at the added support.

A.   48.38 C.   161.2
B.   96.75 D.   80.62


Problem 840 | Continuous Beams with Fixed Ends

Problem 840
For the propped beam shown in Fig. P-840, determine the prop reaction and the maximum positive bending moment.



Problem 833 | Reactions of Continuous Beams

Problem 833
Refer to Problem 825 for which M2 = -980 lb·ft and M3 = -1082 lb·ft.

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