Moving Loads

Maximum Stress of Truss Member Due to Moving Loads

The bridge truss shown in the figure is to be subjected by uniform load of 10 kN/m and a point load of 30 kN, both are moving across the bottom chord



Calculate the following:
1.   The maximum axial load on member JK.

A.   64.59 kN C.   -64.59 kN
B.   -63.51 kN D.   63.51 kN

2.   The maximum axial load on member BC.

A.   47.63 kN C.   -47.63 kN
B.   -74.88 kN D.   74.88 kN

3.   The maximum compression force and maximum tension force on member CG.

A.   -48.11 kN and 16.36 kN
B.   Compression = 0; Tension = 16.36 kN
C.   -16.36 kN and 48.11 kN
D.   Compression = 48.11 kN; Tension = 0


Problem 342 | Equilibrium of Parallel Force System

Problem 342
The wheel loads on a jeep are given in Fig. P-342. Determine the distance x so that the reaction of the beam at A is twice as great as the reaction at B.

Wheel loads of a jeep moving across the beam


Solution to Problem 457 | Moving Loads

Problem 457
A truck and trailer combination crossing a 12-m span has axle loads of 10, 20, and 30 kN separated respectively by distances of 3 and 5 m. Compute the maximum moment and maximum shear developed in the span.

Solution to Problem 456 | Moving Loads

Problem 456
Three wheel loads roll as a unit across a 44-ft span. The loads are P1 = 4000 lb and P2 = 8000 lb separated by 9 ft, and P3 = 6000 lb at 18 ft from P2. Determine the maximum moment and maximum shear in the simply supported span.

Solution to Problem 455 | Moving Loads

Problem 455
A tractor weighing 3000 lb, with a wheel base of 9 ft, carries 1800 lb of its load on the rear wheels. Compute the maximum moment and maximum shear when crossing a 14 ft-span.