peripheral velocity

Solution to Problem 140 Pressure Vessel

Problem 140
At what angular velocity will the stress of the rotating steel ring equal 150 MPa if its mean radius is 220 mm? The density of steel 7.85 Mg/m3.

Solution 140
140-fbd-rotating-ring.gif$CF = M \omega^2 \bar x$

$M = \rho V = \rho A \pi R$

$x = 2R / \pi$


$CF = \rho A \pi R \omega^2 (2R / \pi)$

Solution to Problem 139 Pressure Vessel

Problem 139
Find the limiting peripheral velocity of a rotating steel ring if the allowable stress is 20 ksi and steel weighs 490 lb/ft3. At what revolutions per minute (rpm) will the stress reach 30 ksi if the mean radius is 10 in.?

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