Power Transmitted by a Shaft

314 Maximum Shear and Relative Gear Rotation of a Compound Steel Shaft

Problem 314
The steel shaft shown in Fig. P-314 rotates at 4 Hz with 35 kW taken off at A, 20 kW removed at B, and 55 kW applied at C. Using G = 83 GPa, find the maximum shearing stress and the angle of rotation of gear A relative to gear C.

309 Finding the Diameter of a Propeller Shaft Transmitting a Power

Problem 309
A steel propeller shaft is to transmit 4.5 MW at 3 Hz without exceeding a shearing stress of 50 MPa or twisting through more than 1° in a length of 26 diameters. Compute the proper diameter if G = 83 GPa.

308 Maximum Horsepower That Can be Transmitted by Steel Shaft

Problem 308
A 2-in-diameter steel shaft rotates at 240 rpm. If the shearing stress is limited to 12 ksi, determine the maximum horsepower that can be transmitted.

307 Power Transmitted by Solid Steel Shaft of Unknown Diameter

Problem 307
A solid steel shaft 5 m long is stressed at 80 MPa when twisted through 4°. Using G = 83 GPa, compute the shaft diameter. What power can be transmitted by the shaft at 20 Hz?

306 Maximum Shearing Stress of Marine Propeller Shaft

Problem 306
A steel marine propeller shaft 14 in. in diameter and 18 ft long is used to transmit 5000 hp at 189 rpm. If G = 12 × 106 psi, determine the maximum shearing stress.


Consider a bar to be rigidly attached at one end and twisted at the other end by a torque or twisting moment T equivalent to F × d, which is applied perpendicular to the axis of the bar, as shown in the figure. Such a bar is said to be in torsion.

Bar in torsion


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