pressure in kPa

Problem 07 - Variation of Pressure

If the pressure in the tank of oil (sp gr 0.80) is 415 kPa, what is the equivalent head: (a) in meters of oil, (b) in meters of water, and (c) in centimeters of mercury?

Problem 05 - Variation of Pressure

At what depth in a stand pipe containing water is the pressure 200 kPa?

Problem 04 - Variation of Pressure

What height of mercury column will cause a pressure of 680 kPa? What is the equivalent height of water column?

Problem 02 - Variation of Pressure

Determine the pressure on the face of a dam at a point 12 m below the water surface, in (a) kilo Pascal gauge; (b) kilogram per square meter gauge; (c) kilo Pascal absolute; (d) pounds per square foot gauge; (e) pounds per square inch gauge; and (e) pounds per square inch absolute.

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