resultant couple

Problem 268 | Resultant of Non-Concurrent Force System

Problem 268
The resultant of four forces, of which three are shown in Fig. P-268, is a couple of 480 lb·ft clockwise in sense. If each square is 1 ft on a side, determine the fourth force completely.

Three forces in Planar Space


251 Two forces producing a couple and a force

Problem 251
A vertical force P at A and another vertical force F at B in Fig. P-251 produce a resultant of 100 lb down at D and a counterclockwise couple C of 200 lb·ft. Find the magnitude and direction of forces P and F.

Resultant force and couple


247 - Resultant of couples in a 3-step pulley

Problem 247
The three-step pulley shown in Fig. P-247 is subjected to the given couples. Compute the value of the resultant couple. Also determine the forces acting at the rim of the middle pulley that are required to balance the given system.

Couples on three-step pulley


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