Sewer Pipe

A circular concrete sewer pipe with coefficient of roughness n = 0.013 is 1.60 m in diameter and flowing half-full has a slope of 4 m per 5 km. Compute the discharge on the sewer pipe in cubic meter per second.

A.   3.456 C.   1.190
B.   2.674 D.   4.324


031 Review Problem - Cost of mainline sewer pipe

Problem 31
One section of the mainline sewer pipe for the city of Annapolis passes through a tunnel 484 ft. long. The cross section of the tunnel is shown in the figure. The sewer pipe is 16 in. in external diameter and is partially embedded, in a mattress of concrete, a cross section of which is shown in the figure. Find the total cost (a) of digging the tunnel at \$5.00 per cubic yard, (b) of pouring of concrete at \$9.00 per cubic yard.



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