shear flow

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$s = \dfrac{RI}{VQ}$

$s = \dfrac{R}{q}$

Solution to Problem 577 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 577
A plywood beam is built up of 1/4-in. strips separated by blocks as shown in Fig. P-577. What shearing force V will cause a maximum shearing stress of 200 psi?

Solution to Problem 575 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 575
Determine the maximum and minimum shearing stress in the web of the wide flange section in Fig. P-575 if V = 100 kN. Also, compute the percentage of vertical shear carried only by the web of the beam.

Solution to Problem 574 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 574
In the beam section shown in Fig. P-574, prove that the maximum horizontal shearing stress occurs at layers h/8 above or below the NA.

Solution to Problem 573 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 573
The cross-section of a beam is an isosceles triangle with vertex uppermost, of altitude h and base b. If V is the vertical shear, show that the maximum shearing stress is 3V / bh located at the midpoint of the altitude.

Solution to Problem 572 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 572
The T section shown in Fig. P-572 is the cross-section of a beam formed by joining two rectangular pieces of wood together. The beam is subjected to a maximum shearing force of 60 kN. Show that the NA is 34 mm from the top and the INA = 10.57 × 106 mm4. Using these values, determine the shearing stress (a) at the neutral axis and (b) at the junction between the two pieces of wood.

Solution to Problem 571 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 571
For a beam with the same cross section as that in Prob. 570, plot the shearing stress distribution across the section at a section where the shearing force is V = 1800 lb.

Solution to Problem 570 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 570
A uniformly distributed load of 200 lb/ft is carried on a simply supported beam span. If the cross-section is as shown in Fig. P-570, determine the maximum length of the beam if the shearing stress is limited to 80 psi. Assume the load acts over the entire length of the beam.

Solution to Problem 569 | Horizontal Shearing Stress

Problem 569
Show that the maximum shearing stress in a beam having a thin-walled tubular section of net area A is τ = 2V / A.


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